Stage Your Home To Sell Fast Part II: The Interior

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What is a buyer’s first impression of the interior of your home? 

Open door with lady

So you have your yard all tidied up and the curb appeal of your home is amazing!  The buyers are interested in having a tour of the interior…is your home ready???

Once that front door opens the buyer will be hit with a flood of sensations.  We want those sensations to be positive!

·      What does the buyer see?

·      What does the buyer smell?

·      How does the buyer feel?


Does the buyer experience this?

 Bad Smells  Clutter II  Dirty Laundry


OR, does the buyer experience this?


Fresh Bread  Organized kitchen  Staged Living Room


The goal: To have the buyer feel welcome and “at home;” to have the buyer smell freshness (or nothing), to have the buyer see light, bright, clean, and open.


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For a quick reference we have provided a handy checklist.


Staging interior of home checklist


Homes that are properly staged and priced right are selling very quickly in the Vancouver, Washington area especially in areas like Ridgefield, WA! 


If you are ready to take on the task of staging your home for a fast sale, send us a quick message and we’ll help you get started!


Ron and Sherry