Stage your home to sell fast: Part 1-The Exterior

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What can you do to the exterior of your house to prep it for a quick sale and make buyers feel welcome?


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You’ve no doubt heard the saying “You never get a second chance to create a first impression.” 

This quote is often attributed to Oscar Wilde and Will Rogers though there seems to be no consensus on who said it first.  Regardless, either of these men could easily have been using the phrase as  “a real estate term.” 

When prepping your home to sell fast, you must put on your buyer hatThink like a buyer.  Pretend you are driving up the home, which is one of many on your list, what is your first impression?  Does the exterior of the home look clean and fresh or tired and messy?

Cleaning up the yard


Many buyers will drive right by a house that looks unkempt from the outside and just assume the inside must be just as bad.


Your house is in direct competition with every other listing on the market in your area and price range.  With the right curb appeal you stand a better chance of the buyer actually seeing the inside.  How does your house stack up?


We are aiming for this:




Not this:





Here is a simple checklist to help you get started on preparing the exterior of your home to sell fast:

Exterior Check List


In addition, here is an article you may be interested in regarding CURB APPEAL. 


The goal is to outshine the competition and create an atmosphere where the buyer can start to visualize him or herself moving in and making it their own.


Remember this: Deferred maintenance is a major deterrent.


Old house


Start thinking in terms of “model home.”

Nice yard



In the next blog we will discuss preparing the interior of the home for quick sale.


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Ron and Sherry Patterson