Benefits of Selling your Home over the Holidays

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Benefits of Selling or Buying A Home Over the Holidays

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Thinking you should wait until after the Holidays to put your home on the market or buy a home?

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We have often heard that spring and summer are the best times to sell a home, but there are some definite advantages to selling or buying a home over the Holidays.


1.     Less competition – many people are busy over the holidays with parties, travel, school functions, etc.  This typically means fewer homes on the market and fewer buyers shopping. 


a.     Buyers: A lot of buyers hold off until after the holidays to start home shopping again.  However, there are still a few buyers shopping over the holidays and especially over the Internet.  These few buyers are motivated!  If a buyer wants to see your home over the holidays you can feel fairly assured that this buyer is serious - fewer "lookie lous".


b.     Sellers: Many sellers hold off putting their home on the market for the same reasons buyers hold off on home shopping.  So, if you are a seller on the market over the holidays you are likely to have less competition with other homes for sale, which puts you in a better position. If you are buyer, you can trust the seller really wants to sell the home if he/she is  willing to list it over the holidays. 


2.     Homes tend to look very festive and inviting over the holidays they are decked and welcoming.  Tasteful decorations can have a powerful impact because buyer’s will remember how a home “made them feel.”  A warm, inviting home that feels cheerful can have a lasting impact and help your home move to the top of their list!


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